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Short info

The Beginnings (originally “Noviot Pochetok”) is one of the longest running punk rock/melodic hardcore bands from North Macedonia, established in 2002. The band is known under the name “The Beginnings” from September, 2018 and with that name they have released one LP in September, 2018, “I Am Dirt”. The band was previously known as “Noviot Pochetok / The New Beginning” from 2002 to 2018 and under that name they have released 4 LP’s (all in Macedonian language) and played 5 longer tours across Europe. They are mostly recognized for their energetic live performances.

Short facts

Formed: 2002
Originally named: Morfium
First name change: 2005, name changed to “Noviot Pochetok”, meaning “The New Beginning” in Macedonian
Second name change: 2018, name changed to “The Beginnings”

Releases (as THE BEGINNINGS):

• 2018 LP “I Am Dirt” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital]

Releases (as Noviot Pochetok):

• 2015 LP “Jas Sum Zemja” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital, 12″, CD]
• 2013 Single “Kauch Kral” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital]
• 2012 LP “Melancholic Machine” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital, CD]
• 2009 LP “Agnozija” (Enterprise Records) [Digital, CD]
• 2006 LP “Evolucijata Bi Trebalo Da Zapochne Sega…” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital, CD]

Tours (as Noviot Pochetok):

• 2018 Germany Spring Tour (Germany)
• 2016 Sorry For The Mess Tour (Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
• 2015 September/October Mini-Tour (Greece, Bulgaria)
• 2015 Filthy Summer Tour (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
• 2013 We Come From The Ass Of Europe Tour (Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece)
• 2012 Melancholic European Tour (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany)
• 2012 Melancholic Balkan Tour (Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia)
• 2009 Dirty Old Exit Tour (Serbia, Croatia)

Big-scene appearances (as Noviot Pochetok):

• 2017 FFUD Fest (Slovakia)
• 2016 Skopje Street Festival (Macedonia)
• 2015 D Festival (Macedonia)
• 2012 Grr Fest (Croatia)
• 2010 Alarm (Macedonia)
• 2009 Dirty Old Festival (Croatia)
• 2009 EXIT (Serbia)

Current line-up:

• Fitz, vocals and guitar (since 2002)
• Fat Cacko, guitar and vocals (since 2005)
• Ile, drums (since 2015)
• Ace, bass (2007 – 2012; since 2018)
• Emil, guitar (since 2017)

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