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Short info

Noviot Pochetok also known as The Beginnings (for international use) is one of the most recognisable and longest-playing bands in North Macedonia’s music history.

The band has started in 2002 and it’s recognised for its ultra-energetic and explosive live shows. Overall, they had done over 250 shows and 8 European tours in the last decade – which makes them one of just a few bands from the country who have successfully accomplished this by far.

The band had a few name changes and they currently use both names – “Noviot Pochetok” and “The Beginnings” for different occasions and releases. As “Noviot Pochetok” they sing in their native, Macedonian language and released 5 LP’s by far. As “The Beginnings” they have released one LP in 2018 with all of the best-of songs re-written in English.

Short facts

Formed: 2002
Originally named: Morfium
First name change: 2005, name changed to “Noviot Pochetok”, meaning “The New Beginning” in Macedonian
Second name change: 2018, name changed to “The Beginnings”
Third name change: 2021, the band started using both names – “The Beginnings” and “Noviot Pochetok”. One for their domestic fans, the other for their fans across the world.

Releases (as Noviot Pochetok):

• 2023 LP “Endless Endeavors” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital, 12″, CD]
• 2015 LP “Jas Sum Zemja” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital, 12″, CD]
• 2013 Single “Kauch Kral” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital]
• 2012 LP “Melancholic Machine” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital, CD]
• 2009 LP “Agnozija” (Enterprise Records) [Digital, CD]
• 2006 LP “Evolucijata Bi Trebalo Da Zapochne Sega…” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital, CD]

Releases (as THE BEGINNINGS):

• 2018 LP “I Am Dirt” (Sixtynine Records) [Digital]

Tours (as Noviot Pochetok):

• 2018 Germany Spring Tour (Germany)
• 2016 Sorry For The Mess Tour (Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
• 2015 September/October Mini-Tour (Greece, Bulgaria)
• 2015 Filthy Summer Tour (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
• 2013 We Come From The Ass Of Europe Tour (Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece)
• 2012 Melancholic European Tour (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany)
• 2012 Melancholic Balkan Tour (Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia)
• 2009 Dirty Old Exit Tour (Serbia, Croatia)

Big-scene appearances (as Noviot Pochetok):

• 2017 FFUD Fest (Slovakia)
• 2016 Skopje Street Festival (Macedonia)
• 2015 D Festival (Macedonia)
• 2012 Grr Fest (Croatia)
• 2010 Alarm (Macedonia)
• 2009 Dirty Old Festival (Croatia)
• 2009 EXIT (Serbia)

Current line-up:

• Fitz, vocals and guitar (since 2002)
• Fat Cacko, guitar and vocals (since 2005)
• Ile, drums (since 2015)
• Ace, bass (2007 – 2012; since 2018)
• Emil, guitar (since 2017)

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